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The Program for Governance and Peace (PGP) in Senegal

  • Senegal
2010 - 2015

The Program for Governance and Peace (PGP) aims to strengthen democracy, promote good governance and advance national reconciliation in Senegal. To achieve that goal, FHI 360 experts work to strengthen regulatory and oversight agencies, support key legislative reforms and strengthen the national anticorruption framework.

Transparency and accountability

The PGP program works closely with the media and civil society organizations to monitor the implementation of anticorruption measures, facilitate access to information and ensure transparency and accountability.

Fiscal decentralization and local governance

PGP helps local governments increase transparency, accountability and civic participation, working with civil society organizations to engage with and monitor local government.

Citizen participation and the electoral process

PGP works to increase citizen participation through collaboration with the National Electoral Commission, civil society, political parties and the media to make the electoral process more inclusive, to inform citizens of their rights and duties, and to stimulate open and peaceful political dialogue.

Dialogue for social stability in Casamance

PGP encourages dialogue among local officials, civil society organizations and the general population in the Casamance region, where civil conflict has simmered for decades. The program aims to reduce local grievances driving the conflict and develop action plans to build a platform for stability and reconciliation. PGP supports initiatives of key actors and accepted negotiators to increase dialogue and bring opposing parties to negotiation. Across the project, PGP places a strong emphasis on youth, women and marginalized populations.

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