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Postsecondary Success Collaborative in Miami-Dade County

  • United States
Citi Foundation and local funders
2008 - 2013

Miami-Dade Postsecondary Success ProgramThe dream of succeeding in college is becoming a reality for more students in Miami-Dade County, thanks to the FHI 360 Postsecondary Success Collaborative, formerly the Citi Postsecondary Success Program. The goal of the program is to provide a clear pathway to higher education for all students in participating public high schools.

Starting with three high schools and approximately 1,500 low-income students, the Postsecondary Success Collaborative has now spread to three additional high schools and plans additional growth.

The Education Fund, an organization focused on creating and implementing innovations to improve public schools in the Miami-Dade school district, works in partnership with schools, the district, Miami Dade College, local universities, community organizations, and local funders and leaders to increase the quality and availability of college-readiness services and support for students.

To determine what is most needed, the Education Fund uses The Postsecondary Success Asset Map to inventory, align and enhance resources. The resulting asset maps help each school set priorities based on what the research indicates are critical supports to helping more students from low-income communities, particularly first-generation college students and students of color, enroll in and complete college.

For example, a signature support strategy that grew out of the asset mapping is College LEAP (Lift Every AsPiration) Clubs run by and for students. In these clubs, trained teachers and counselors teach students in grades 9–12 how to research colleges, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form and negotiate complex applications for financial aid and scholarships. More than 2,000 students participate in campus visits, giving many young people a first glimpse of college life and an audience with admissions counselors.

Together with their partners, Postsecondary Success Collaborative schools are not only teaching students the skills needed to apply for and succeed in college, but also are demonstrating how partners can work together to make college a reality for every student.

Promising results: Over the course of three years, the participating schools in Miami-Dade saw a sharp increase in college enrollment for Latino (25 percent), Black (69 percent), and English-language learners (23 percent).

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