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The National Center for Innovation in Career and Technical Education

  • United States
U.S. Department of Education

FHI 360 is a partner in the National Center for Innovation in Career and Technical Education (NCICTE), which performs science-based research and evaluation, disseminates information and provides training to improve career and technical education (CTE). The NCICTE works to better integrate academic and technical education and to strengthen employer involvement in CTE. The center plans to demonstrate how real-world application in core academics can help raise student engagement and achievement while promoting the interdisciplinary critical thinking needed in the modern workplace. The center has four research priorities: program of study/career pathways, curriculum integration, technology-enabled learning and professional development.

To disseminate its findings, the NCICTE is creating a comprehensive clearinghouse for teachers, program administrators, policymakers and analysts to access new, innovative strategies for CTE instruction and services. The center also is training stakeholders in understanding the knowledge and skills students need for career readiness and in using the science-based instructional delivery models, tools and practices that promote student achievement. FHI 360 is collaborating on the center’s research and training and is integrating social marketing into the center’s dissemination activities.

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