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Multilevel MOE Capacity Gap Assessment and Initial, Targeted Capacity Building in Myanmar

  • Myanmar
2015 - 2016

The Government of Myanmar has made education a national priority. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and its Multi-Donor Education Fund partners are assisting this effort by building the capacity of the government to design and deliver quality education services. In support of these education reform efforts, FHI 360 is implementing the UNICEF-funded Multilevel MOE Capacity Gap Assessment and Initial, Targeted Capacity Building project to address the immediate training needs of Myanmar’s Ministry of Education (MOE). 

FHI 360 is conducting a rapid training needs assessment and facilitating a ministry-led situational analysis to identify gaps between the current and desired levels of organizational and individual performance. Findings from the rapid training needs assessment inform initial targeted training and customized training modules. With the understanding that local ownership is critical to identifying and addressing performance improvement needs, FHI 360 collaborates closely on the assessment with Myanmar’s Department of Human Resources and Education Planning and with a Technical Reference Group. 

The Ministry of Education’s human and organizational situational analysis is based on the United Nations Development Programme’s capacity assessment framework and uses a systems approach that acknowledges the complex and interdependent dimensions that exist within all government entities. FHI 360 and the Technical Reference Group have adapted the framework for use in self-assessments. Eventually, the findings will be used by the ministry to develop a comprehensive capacity development plan that will support a five-year national education strategic plan.

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