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Mozambique Health Information Network

  • Mozambique
International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
2006 - 2013

The Mozambique Health Information Network (MHIN) equips the Ministry of Health of Mozambique to collect, transmit and report health management information system (HMIS) data. Developed by SATELLIFE, the MHIN provides two-way access to information through the existing cellular telephone network and low-cost, simple-to-use personal digital assistants (PDAs) for supporting health information dissemination, data collection and reporting, and email exchange. Data transfer from and to PDAs is facilitated using wireless access points (called African Access Points) developed by SATELLIFE and a Linux server in Maputo at the ministry. District health offices use the MHIN to receive data from various health centers that include immunization reports and disease surveillance data. The district health offices also use the network to receive data for monitoring drug usage and stocks, which is used for ordering medicines.

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