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Morocco Inclusive Socioeconomic Development in Beni Mellal-Khénifra (BMK-ISED)

  • Morocco
2020 - 2025

While agriculture is the backbone of Morocco’s Beni Mellal-Khénifra (BMK) region, there are enormous opportunities for more tourism, both domestic and international, and large-scale phosphate mining. And a willing workforce is available for these industries. These factors provide the region with a solid foundation for accelerated and inclusive growth.

This project will assist the region in achieving its national and local development priorities for accelerated and equitable economic growth, built on the greater inclusion and active participation of women, youth, people with disabilities and people living in rural areas. Expected outcomes include sustainable job creation generated by a more productive and dynamic private sector working with a more transparent and effective public sector and a more engaged and participatory citizenry. To achieve this, stakeholders must address sociocultural and economic constraints holistically.

The BMK-ISED Theory of Change posits that if inclusive socioeconomic development (ISED) effectively facilitates more participatory decision-making processes, strengthens links among stakeholders and amplifies marginalized voices, then citizen-led solutions to local development challenges will evolve and more inclusive economic development will occur. This theory drives the project’s collaborative approach to address co-identified socioeconomic challenges so that by 2025 the region will have achieved faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth that benefits marginalized citizens. These groups will begin to close the gap with the general population in terms of incomes, skills, access to information, employment opportunities, levels of participation in governance and share of resources accessible to them.

FHI 360 leads the BMK-ISED consortium and has overall technical and financial responsibility for project implementation. FSVC/LixCap is the lead team for enterprise development and business climate improvement. Association Al Intilaka pour le développement, l’environnement et la culture Afourer (AIDECA), a civil society organization based in the BMK region, promotes inclusion of women, youth, people with disabilities and people living in rural areas through its civil society network.

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