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Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program (MCSSP)

  • Moldova
2009 - 2013

The Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program (MCSSP) works to strengthen representative democracy in Moldova. Through MCSSP, FHI 360 builds the capacity of civil society organizations in four areas:

Representing citizen interests

FHI 360 provides hands-on technical assistance, training and competitively awarded grant funding, so civil society organizations have the skills to better represent their constituents. We help civil society organizations build and mobilize constituencies, pursue policy and reform agendas, and improve public outreach and media relations.

Strengthening internal governance and management

The program improves organizational capacity and ensures transparency and sustainability in areas such as management structures and practices; program design; public relations, advocacy and lobbying skills; human resource management; and strategic planning systems.

Reforming the legal and fiscal framework

FHI 360 works with local partners on efforts to reform the legal and fiscal environments, making them more stable for civil society engagement.

Diversifying financial resources

The program improves the capacity of civic organizations to better manage their own resources and to increase their sources of income by reaching out to partner with businesses, public authorities and private citizens.

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