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Mobile Health Information System (MHIS)

  • South Africa
Qualcomm, Henry E. Niles Foundation
2011 - 2013

The Mobile Health Information System (MHIS) project provides nurses in both urban and rural South Africa with smartphones pre-loaded with relevant and reliable clinical information, giving them access to critical data at the point of care. In collaboration with the wireless technology company Qualcomm, private foundations and other partners, FHI 360-SATELLIFE created the mobile library by compiling key evidence-based medical and public health information and digitizing it through its GUIDE software, which converts documents into a format that is easily readable on mobile devices. FHI 360-SATELLIFE also trained the nurses in using smartphones and the library. The nurses said the devices were easy to use and increased their confidence when answering patients’ questions at the point of care, enabling them to provide patients with vital information about their illnesses.

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