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Mali Education Decentralization Program (PRADDE-PC)

  • Mali
2009 - 2014

The Mali Education Decentralization Program, known in Mali as PRADDE-PC, helps the government of Mali realize its vision of a decentralized system that provides quality education for all the country’s children. The FHI 360 project also works to improve parent, community and local government support for reading skills of 100,000 primary school pupils in 42 communes and more than 800 schools.

PRADDE-PC provides funding, training and technical assistance to support the education sector in determining and implementing the new roles, responsibilities, processes and procedures required for decentralization. The project also helps the sector create and use management and information tools for planning on multiple levels.

The project strengthens communication and coordination throughout the increasingly decentralized basic education system. PRADDE-PC works to ensure that local-level planning for primary education is better integrated with national-level processes and is better informed by and responsive to the needs of schools and communities.

The project empowers people at all levels of the education system to understand and take ownership of efforts to improve schools in their communities. PRADDE-PC provides literacy training for parents and community stakeholders to help them fully participate in decision making. The project conducts school and community forums to review school performance and to reach agreements on performance improvement initiatives.

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