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Liberia Teacher Training Program II (LTTP II)

  • Liberia
2010 - 2016

FHI 360’s Liberia Teacher Training Program II (LTTP II) builds on work conducted under LTTP I to address Liberia’s critical shortages of qualified teachers and institutional capacity to produce new teachers. The program uses an integrated set of policy, support and capacity-building activities to better prepare current teachers, equip new teachers and improve early-grade reading and mathematics.

LTTP II provides support to the central Ministry of Education and five counties. The program strengthens policies, systems and capacity development of the ministry, the county and district education offices, the Rural Teacher Training Institutes (RTTIs) and the universities.

To improve teacher performance, LTTP II is conducting pre- and in-service teacher training and revising a teacher career ladder structure and incentive system. The program integrates technology into the training by using video cameras and small projectors to create and share videos of good teaching practices. In addition, the program is developing a plan to attract and retain more women in the teaching profession.

LTTP II also is developing curriculum standards, materials and testing for language, literacy and mathematics to help teachers improve the reading and math skills of students in the early grades.

To improve evidence-based decision making and accountability, LTTP II is introducing the education information management system (EMIS) known as Global ED*ASSIST. The program is pioneering the use of biometric attendance monitoring for teachers. We expect that using advanced biometrics (fingerprints as well as integrated identity cards) will dramatically improve the accuracy of government payroll as well as teacher attendance.

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