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Kenya Teacher Education and Professional Development (TEPD) Program

  • Kenya
2007 - 2013

Through the Kenya Teacher Education and Professional Development (TEPD) program, FHI 360 helps Kenya’s Ministry of Education improve the quality of instruction at public teacher training colleges to better prepare trainees for classroom challenges, such as students affected by HIV. Over the life of the program, TEPD will have improved the skills of 1,600 primary teacher training college lecturers and 35,000 teacher trainees.

To improve teaching standards, TEPD has developed a teacher competency framework to enable the education system to shift from isolated training interventions toward a more sustainable, harmonized and integrated system. The project has also developed new teacher education materials and integrated existing in-service materials to enhance child-centered learning, improve approaches to teaching multi-grade and large classes, and address gender issues. In addition, the project is training prospective teachers in child-centered learning through a professional development program in all 23 public teacher training colleges.

TEPD integrates information and communication technology into teaching and learning. The project manages Accelerating a 21st Century Education (ACE), a public–private partnership that includes Intel, Microsoft, CISCO, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Government of Kenya. ACE has provided laptops, digital cameras, scanners, printers, wireless access points and other equipment to 23 schools and three colleges.

TEPD helps public teacher training colleges integrate HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment into teacher instruction and provides training in strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS. TEPD is directly training 1,320 tutors and indirectly training another 16,000 teacher trainees on critical HIV/AIDS awareness topics.

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