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Integrating Noncommunicable Disease Care into the HIV Care and Treatment Platform

  • Zambia
FHI Foundation and Duke University
2014 - 2017

FHI 360 is implementing and evaluating a clinic-based intervention in Zambia that screens clients with HIV for depression and diabetes. Screening occurs in HIV care and treatment clinics, and clients who screen positive receive a facilitated referral (the client is accompanied to the referral site by a health care provider or volunteer) for follow-up services. Diabetes care is provided by clinicians and nutritionists. Mental health care, including group counseling sessions, is provided by psychiatric nurses who receive training in the World Health Organization’s guidelines for the management of depression.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Determine the feasibility of integrating noncommunicable disease care into HIV care and treatment
  • Assess the impact of mental health care on depression and adherence to antiretroviral therapy

The evaluation includes approximately 400 cross-sectional interviews with clients who receive HIV care and treatment services, as well as additional interviews with a smaller number of individuals who screened positive for depression and joined the group counseling sessions.

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