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Initiating Positive Change Program (IPCP)

  • Kosovo
2008 - 2011

The goal of the Initiating Positive Change Program (IPCP) was to assist the Government of Kosovo in its efforts to increase stability and create a harmonious multiethnic society after independence. The program focused on building the confidence of minority communities in their futures and increasing their role as active stakeholders in society. FHI 360 experts worked with community, regional and national actors to stimulate cooperation between minority communities, government institutions, businesses and nongovernmental organizations. The particular focus was on freedom of movement, economic security and quality of life. Through improved public information and strategic use of media, IPCP supported the government in strengthening and maintaining a shared belief in a multiethnic Kosovo. It also strengthened the capacity of government institutions, minority communities and the international community to develop and implement policies to advance integration.

The IPCP built the capacity of almost 1,200 community leaders in development planning and community mobilization for positive change. Infrastructure projects and delivery of agricultural equipment benefitted more than 56,000 people. Eighty-three percent of participants responding to a survey reported that the project increased their ability to serve their community as a force for change or as a community leader.

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