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Improving the Quality of Primary Education Program (IQPEP)

  • Ethiopia
2009 - 2014

The Improving Quality of Primary Education Program (IQPEP), managed by FHI 360, is transforming teaching-learning processes and improving educational planning and management in Ethiopia. While IQPEP is a national program — it expects to reach approximately 40,000 primary school teachers in 2,615 primary schools — it gives priority to disadvantaged areas that are mostly pastoralist and predominantly Muslim.

The program strengthens linkages between teachers colleges and primary schools; enhances the professional capacity of primary school teachers; builds capacity at regional, woreda (district) and local education offices; empowers communities to manage their own school development; and makes basic education more accessible to out-of-school children. IQPEP also increases primary school students’ opportunities to improve reading.

The project focuses on pre- and in-service training that promotes fundamental changes in the teaching-learning processes, including strengthening teachers’ ability to teach reading to young learners. IQPEP has developed and is delivering teacher guides in four Ethiopian languages and English for early grade reading, math and science. By emphasizing active learning and child-centered teaching-learning methodologies, IQPEP aims to increase pupils’ engagement, improve retention and learning, and develop critical thinking skills.

The project uses a decentralized approach to improve educational planning and management capacity throughout the education system, from the school and kebele (community) levels to the national Ministry of Education. IQPEP enhances the efficiency of the education offices and schools by assessing capacity, customizing training programs, developing training materials and providing training and facilities so that relevant training programs and resources can be leveraged to improve the quality and delivery of education services.

To address the cross-cutting issue of gender, IQPEP works to increase the enrollment and achievement of girls in primary schools and of young women in teacher education institutions.

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