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Improving Policy and Evidence-Based Services for Drug Users

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Vietnam
Atlantic Philanthropies
2010 - 2014

This project is designed to demonstrate that government support of the compulsory drug rehabilitation centers is not as cost-effective as community, evidence-based and voluntary drug treatment interventions. The project uses a holistic approach to reduce the impact of illicit drugs in the community. This approach takes into consideration each intervention, project and institution that targets drug users and looks at how they work as a whole. Focusing on Hai Phong demonstration site, the project leverages existing support from international donors and the government that have been used to set up health and social services and conducts research about the effectiveness of different parts of the existing system. Along with a targeted capacity-building approach, this evidence will help policymakers make informed decisions about the allocation of resources and types of interventions that should be supported. The project also works with professional social workers to complement existing community-based services currently being implemented for drug users.

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