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Global FISH Alliance (G-FISH) in Mozambique

  • Mozambique
2011 - 2013

The Global FISH Alliance (G-FISH), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and implemented by FHI 360, promotes sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices to strengthen livelihoods and support biodiversity. G-FISH uses the SCALE (System-wide Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and the Environment) approach, a methodology developed by FHI 360 experts that brings stakeholders together to develop a consensus on a specific issue and its solution. This locally driven approach balances economic, environmental, governmental and social issues, resulting in lasting behavior change.

In Mozambique, FHI 360 brings together stakeholders in Pemba Bay fisheries, helping them to identify common goals for the Pemba fisheries system and achieve these goals through strategic communications, capacity building and technical interventions. Activities under the project, known locally as Iniciativa Local para o Desenvolvimento da Pesca Sustentavel na Baia de Pemba, are guided by a local conservation committee composed of representatives of community fisheries councils, local community leaders, government fisheries departments and the private sector.

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