Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III (FANTA) in Ghana

The Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III (FANTA) project strengthens nutrition and food security policies, strategies, programs and systems in developing countries. FHI 360's technical experts improve the capacity of government agencies and local and national organizations to more effectively meet their nutrition and food-security needs.

Ghana’s policymakers have prioritized the fight against malnutrition, focusing especially on populations most in need, such as children under 5 years of age, women, people living with HIV and tuberculosis patients. The Ghana Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service work collaboratively with teaching hospitals, the Nurses and Midwives Council and other organizations to ensure that a continuum of services is provided to prevent and treat malnutrition.

FANTA’s activities in Ghana include:

  • Promoting increased national awareness of nutrition issues and the need for more investment in nutrition through advocacy and training of stakeholders, such as the media, policymakers, politicians, academic institutions and civil society organizations
  • Supporting and building the capacity of the health system to initiate and scale up the management of severe acute malnutrition in children under 5 years of age
  • Promoting and strengthening the integration and scale-up of nutrition assessment, counseling and support for people living with HIV and tuberculosis patients as part of routine health services

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  • Ghana
Duration: 2006 - 2013