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Food Aid Commodity Management Technical Assistance Workshops Program

  • Bangladesh
  • Ethiopia
  • Senegal
  • United States
U.S. Agency for International Development/Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance/Office of Food for Peace
2010 - 2012

FHI 360’s Capable Partners Program (CAP) implemented the Food Aid Commodity Management (FACM) Technical Assistance Workshops Program. CAP designed, implemented and evaluated a series of five FACM workshops for Office of Food for Peace (FFP) private voluntary organization  grantees, their partners and FFP staff.

The workshops, which were held in Senegal, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and the United States, improved the participants’ capacity and skills in food aid commodity management. Many workshop participants work on programs in countries where conflict significantly affects food security.

Major components of the program were:

1) creating customizable curricula and resource materials, based on identified knowledge gaps, that workshop participants could reuse and share with home-country staff, colleagues and other partners;

2) collaborating with FACM experts to develop presentations and complementary activities;

3) increasing the capacity of program implementers and FFP personnel to effectively manage and report on their food aid programs;

and 4) enhancing food aid implementers’ ability to reach their target beneficiaries. 

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