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Evaluation of Different Infant Vaccination Schedules Incorporating Pneumococcal Vaccination

  • Vietnam
Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, Australia
2012 - 2015

FHI 360 is improving the skill of hospitals and clinics in Vietnam to conduct clinical trials. Our clinical trials experts train staff at research sites throughout the country in Good Clinical Practice and monitor their performance. In this way, we support multinational pharmaceutical companies to ensure that clinical trial outcomes are optimal. FHI 360 has also provided trainings for the Ministry of Health’s newly formed National Ethics Committee, helping to develop its system for clinical trial oversight.

Under this award, FHI 360 is providing clinical trial support services to a study led by the Menzies School of Health Research (Australia) to evaluate dosing schedules for a new childhood pneumococcus vaccine in 1,200 infants. FHI 360 responsibilities include technical support during the start-up phase, training research staff in Good Clinical Practice and monitoring the study at the site in Ho Chi Minh City over three years.

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