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Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC)

2011 - 2013

The Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC) operates on the insight that sound education policy benefits from the use of reliable evidence, including good data and thorough analysis of both challenges and solutions. EPDC serves as a resource for education data and creates profiles and data reports on education status by country. The EPDC team researches issues and challenges in education around the world and makes projections about education needs and resources. New research is shared through EPDC’s quarterly newsletter and website,

The website allows users to search an online database containing more than half a million global education data points. The data can be searched across several dimensions or browsed through topic, school level and country profile pages. Users can then create and save visualizations of the data through the website. In addition, the EPDC website offers a wealth of research publications on education issues and challenges in developing countries.

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