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Eastern Caribbean Youth Microenterprise Program (ECYMP)

  • Barbados
  • Jamaica
2010 - 2012

Barbados and Eastern Caribbean countries are faced with critical issues, including HIV/AIDS, high unemployment rates, weak rural economies and increased migration. With educational systems that are unable to prepare young people for productive engagement in the economic sector, there is a strong need for more effective school-to-work programs that give young people tangible options. FHI 360’s Eastern Caribbean Youth Microenterprise Program (ECYMP) partners with local youth-serving organizations and the private sector to accelerate the creation of sustainable livelihoods and self-employment opportunities for youth ages 10–24. The project supports income-generating opportunities and the establishment of microbusinesses by and for youth in the region. Using proven, evidence-based and market-driven approaches, ECYMP conducts Youth Market Opportunity Assessments in each country. Based on the assessments, the program develops tailored capacity-strengthening workshops for local partners in designing and implementing market-oriented youth entrepre­neurship programs. ECYMP also provides one-on-one technical assistance for local partner organizations.

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