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  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • India
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
2009 - 2015

DAKSH, an FHI 360 project meaning “to be efficient,” focuses on providing strategic information through technical assistance in three core areas: 1) monitoring and evaluation, 2) HIV surveillance and 3) data use. For example, we provided technical assistance to India’s National AIDS Control Organization for their rollout of the national Integrated Behavioral and Biological Survey. FHI 360 has also lent its expertise on the use of strategic information and management systems and is building capacity for appropriate use of data in decision making on HIV policy.

Through this project, FHI 360 aims to increase the rigor of data analysis and strengthen HIV surveillance systems in India, while promoting evidence-based strategic planning. The project operates at the national level and in selected states, including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

As part of DAKSH, FHI 360 extends technical assistance to the Bihar State AIDS Control Society to enhance and support the implementing structures and approaches as defined under the national source migration strategy, with a special emphasis on addressing gender gaps. The objectives of this initiative include:

• Improve access to HIV information and HIV services for spouses of migrants

• Facilitate greater access to health, economic and social benefit programs for spouses of migrants

• Foster an enabling environment to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination with a particular focus on spouses of migrants

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