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Corridors of Hope III (COH III)

  • Zambia
2009 - 2015

The Corridors of Hope (COH III) project, implemented through the ROADS II/Nairobi program, aims to reduce the spread of HIV in border and transportation corridor communities by targeting traditional high-risk groups; populations at higher risk of HIV exposure whose members may have unprotected sexual relations with individuals who are otherwise at low risk of HIV exposure; and the general population residing in these communities. Through its innovative approaches, COH III provides comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention services and improves linkages and referral networks. These approaches include:

  • Provision of HIV testing and counseling through static centers, mobile facilities and door-to-door outreach
  • Integration of sexually transmitted infection and malaria screening and treatment, family planning services, and tuberculosis case detection and referral of suspected cases
  • Behavior change interventions through participatory learning methods
  • Economic strengthening activities through group savings and loan associations

As the lead organization on the project, FHI 360 provides capacity building and technical oversight to three Zambian organizations through which it implements COH III interventions: Afya Mzuri, Zambia Interfaith Networking Group on HIV/AIDS and Zambia Health Education and Communication Trust.

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