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Community-Based Livelihood Development for Women and Children in Swaziland (C-BLD)

  • Eswatini
2011 - 2016

Swaziland has high HIV rates that disproportionately affect women and children. The country also has a weak economy with few private-sector options for low-income households and a civil society in need of support to create sustainable opportunities. Underlying these challenges are gender norms that contribute to inequality and a legal system that does not adequately protect the rights of women and children. Through Community-Based Livelihoods Development for Women and Children in Swaziland (C-BLD), FHI 360 works to improve the livelihood capabilities of at-risk households and strengthen the capacity of Swazi organizations to provide effective services for livelihoods and to protect the rights of women and children. The project empowers women and young people through microentrepreneurship and business development training. It also facilitates improved access to appropriate vocational and technical skills for orphans and vulnerable children. Additionally, C-BLD is helping families develop skills to turn their homestead plots into sustainable permaculture gardens, reducing their vulnerability to food insecurity and malnutrition and making them more resilient to a rapidly changing climate.

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