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Buruli Ulcer Awareness, Prevention and Treatment

  • Ghana
The Hershey Company

Under the Buruli Ulcer Awareness, Prevention and Treatment project, FHI 360 helped improve awareness and treatment of Buruli ulcer for residents of cocoa-growing communities in the Ashanti region of southern Ghana. FHI 360 worked to achieve the following three objectives:

  • Deliver community-based control, prevention and education services to improve cocoa farmers’ knowledge of Buruli ulcer
  • Increase cocoa farmers’ use of health services through formal referral networks that link public, private and community providers to accessible continuum of care programs
  • Strengthen the capacity of local organizations and community volunteers to plan, coordinate, deliver and monitor interventions

The project established rapid-response teams that searched for and reported new cases of Buruli ulcer, visited bedridden patients and arranged transportation to clinics and hospitals for those who needed treatment.

FHI 360 also strengthened the capacity of its local partner, the Buruli Ulcer Victims Aid Foundation, to expand its administrative, financial and measurement and evaluation activities. The Buruli Ulcer Awareness, Prevention and Treatment project was funded by the Hershey Company.

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