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Bridge to Employment (BTE)

  • United States
Johnson & Johnson
2003 - 2021

The Bridge to Employment (BTE) program works with 14-to-18-year-old students in disadvantaged communities in the United States and across the globe to mentor them about health careers and educational opportunities beyond secondary school. Partnering with Johnson & Johnson, local secondary schools and higher education institutions, the program provides students with real-world experiences that increase their academic knowledge and awareness of college and careers.

Although each site is unique in its structure and implementation, BTE program excellence stems from its common core of school-to-career principles. The program provides opportunities for meaningful, contextual learning‚ connects students with adults in the workplace and promotes high standards of learning.

FHI 360 supports the BTE program and students’ future success in the workplace by:

  • Building long-term partnerships among business‚ educators‚ parents and community groups
  • Preparing at-risk young people to meet the challenges and requirements of the health care industry  
  • Reinforcing parental involvement as a valuable link between young people and their schools
  • Recognizing and advancing exemplary community efforts to assist young people to begin building careers FHI 360 hosts an annual Alliance Building and Training Session to encourage cross-site communication‚ learning and knowledge building

In addition to this annual event‚ each site receives technical assistance on a variety of topics throughout the year‚ including mentoring‚ work-based learning and classroom curricula. FHI 360 also designed, launched and maintains the BTE website‚ which is regularly updated with new project information. Additionally‚ FHI 360 oversees program evaluation efforts and compiles a report on lessons learned that identifies factors contributing to school-business partnership success.

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