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Avahan — the India AIDS Initiative

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • India
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
2004 - 2014

FHI 360 is conducting monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to measure the impact of Avahan — the India AIDS Initiative. FHI 360 is generating and analyzing the data needed to effectively monitor implementation of the project and measure changes in key HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment outcome indicators. FHI 360’s experts in India support Avahan to maximize its efficiency by:

  • Helping to design and manage the Integrated Behavioral and Biological Assessments to monitor trends in key HIV/STI behavioral indicators and program coverage
  • Designing and managing the centralized management information system (CMIS) to more easily track HIV- and AIDS-related data
  • Building capacity among Avahan partners

Two rounds of Integrated Behavioral and Biological Assessments informed revision of nationally estimated figures of people living with HIV/AIDS in India, enabling government agencies at national and state levels to effectively monitor and evaluate their public health programs. This project operates in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka , Maharashtra, Manipur, Nagaland and Tamil Nadu, as well as on the national level.

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