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Tropical Cyclone Idai

March 21, 2019

FHI 360 is deeply concerned about the tragedy unfolding in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, the three countries in which the cyclone has caused significant damage. Hour by hour, we are learning more about the urgent needs of those affected. FHI 360 has deployed a team with deep experience in crisis response to Mozambique, which has been hardest hit, to determine how we can respond most effectively.

Getty Images/StringerOur website shares many examples of how people in these three countries are addressing health, education and social needs, often under extremely challenging circumstances. Their strength and resilience are inspiring and will be essential to the recovery and rebuilding efforts that lie ahead. Our hearts are with our staff and their families and all of the individuals who have been affected by this catastrophe.

Photo credit: Tafadzwa Ufumeli/Getty Images