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To promote inclusive education, FHI 360 launches Center on Technology and Disability website

November 04, 2014

FHI 360 is pleased to announce the launch of its Center on Technology and Disability (CTD), a comprehensive online institute at CTD will advance inclusive education and provide the training, technical assistance and information resources needed to help U.S. children and youth with disabilities participate fully at school, at home and in the community and workplace.

CTD features a robust library housing a collection of fact sheets, videos, research reports, training materials and other resources; an interactive café that allows families, educators, researchers and technology developers to connect with national experts and each other; and a learning center that provides expert-led, in-depth modules on a range of assistive and educational technologies.

CTD operates in partnership with the American Institutes for Research and the PACER Center, with funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs.