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In Mozambique, FHI 360 puts maternal and newborn health care within reach

May 04, 2023

In Mozambique, maternal and newborn mortality are high. The safety of women and babies depends on health care workers’ ability to carefully monitor them, detect problems quickly and intervene properly. And women and babies must be able to access quality health care in the months and years after birth, too. 

FHI 360’s Alcançar: Achieving Quality Health Services for Women and Children project is working to increase access to and the quality of maternal and newborn health care through approaches including birth simulations, an app for providers and nutrition support for infants and young children.  

Because of Alcançar’s work, “we are rich in more women and children,” says Rosimer Bange, the provincial maternal and child health supervisor at Nampula Provincial Health Services.    

Learn more in this photo story from Nampula province, Mozambique: