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Mobile phones are used to revolutionize reproductive health

September 09, 2012

In many countries, women lack ready access to critical reproductive health information. FHI 360 has been at the forefront of using mobile phones to reach women directly with health information that not only educates, but also saves lives.

Woman with mobile phoneFHI 360’s Mobile for Reproductive Health (m4RH) project has reached more than 82,000 users in Kenya and Tanzania with text messaging about family planning, contraceptive options and where to find family planning clinics in the community. The messages, based on World Health Organization and country-specific guidelines, were designed and tested to ensure user comprehension, and the technology was evaluated and refined through usability testing. As of September 2012, m4RH had more than 440,709 hits and counting. By providing essential health information, m4RH is helping women make better-informed decisions for themselves and their families.

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Photo credit: Herman du Plessis/Getty Images