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A holistic approach to preparing youth for success

July 14, 2017

To address the specific needs of youth in developing countries, FHI 360 created Programa para o Futuro, or Program for the Future. This evidence-based youth employability program builds a comprehensive set of skills that young people need for productive, healthy futures. In addition to enhancing basic education, technical skills and work-readiness skills, the program places a strong emphasis on building soft skills, such as problem-solving, self-esteem and self-discipline, that employers highly value.

The program, which is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), also uses a positive youth development approach that is geared to the developmental needs of adolescents. This approach engages youth in decision-making and provides opportunities for them to contribute to their communities and feel a sense of belonging and connection. By integrating the best in positive youth development and work readiness, the program instills healthy behaviors and prepares youth for school, work and active citizenry.

This infographic explores the program’s implementation in Mozambique. It includes the country context and obstacles, cornerstones of the program’s approach and details on results.

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