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Help map newborn survival projects

June 09, 2015

FHI 360, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson and the MDG Health Alliance, is seeking information for a new digital tool called the Newborn Survival Map. The tool is designed to encourage cross-sector collaborations and integrated interventions to reduce newborn mortality.

newborn survival image The interactive map will document large-scale (totaling at least US$500,000) health and non-health projects in countries where newborn deaths are concentrated. Local, regional, national and global stakeholders will be able to use the map to better target newborn health interventions in areas of high mortality and low investment. Importantly, the map will also provide a blueprint for identifying opportunities to integrate newborn health programs with other interventions — such as education, the environment and gender equality — with the potential of yielding a more amplified, lasting impact in reducing newborn mortality in the hardest hit communities.

We intend to launch the first iteration of the Newborn Survival Map in August. We need your input before we launch.

To ensure that the map captures all relevant programming, FHI 360 would like to know about your projects that directly or indirectly impact newborn health and development. These projects should be underway in one or more of the 15 countries* where newborn deaths are the highest.

Data collection has already started, and we encourage you to submit your project's information as soon as possible. This will make it possible for it to appear in the first iteration of the map, which will be launched this summer. You may send your information by email to Christina Blumel, including Newborn Survival Map in the subject line. Christina will follow up with an online questionnaire to gather your project details.

For more information, visit

Thank you very much for your help with this exciting effort to support newborn survival!

Johnson & Johnson and MDG Health Alliance

The Newborn Survival Map is a partnership of FHI 360, the MDG Health Alliance and Johnson & Johnson. The purpose of the interactive map is to accelerate achievement of the Every Newborn Action Plan, a critical component of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Every Woman Every Child movement to end preventable newborn deaths by 2030.

* Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

Home page photo credit: FHI 360/Jim Daniels