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FHI Clinical announces intent to acquire South Africa-based Triclinium Clinical Development (TCD)

December 07, 2021

FHI Clinical announces intent to acquire South African-based Triclinium Clinical Development (TCD)

FHI 360’s subsidiary FHI Clinical Inc. has announced its intent to acquire Triclinium Clinical Development Proprietary Limited (TCD), a full-service contract resource organization based in South Africa. TCD is a subsidiary of EOH, one of the largest technology services companies in Africa.

TCD is headquartered in the Centurion area of Gauteng province, South Africa. It has access to the competitive South African market, offering significant opportunity for growth. South Africa accounts for most of the clinical trial activity — primarily infectious disease therapeutic studies — in sub-Saharan Africa.

FHI Clinical, which has about 285 employees in East and West Africa, sees this acquisition as an opportunity to further expand its share of the infectious disease market and become the dominant service provider in sub-Saharan Africa; with this transaction, it will employ more than 425 global staff in 12 countries.

“TCD’s experience and credibility in the South African market, marked by long-term client relationships and follow-on business, is a fit for our strategic vision,” said Ted FitzGerald, FHI Clinical’s chief executive officer. “In addition to therapeutic alignment as an infectious disease contract resource organization, TCD also provides the opportunity to expand our organizational ability to conduct trials in low- and middle-income countries, better positioning us to repeat that success anywhere in the world.”

Founded in 2000, TCD has won contracts from both large pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotech companies across a variety of therapeutic areas, including studies of malaria and HIV, and it has a long history and expertise in tuberculosis trials. Its current portfolio includes studies in innovative vaccines and treatments spanning all phases of clinical research, from single-dose Phase I trials to large multisite Phase III and Phase IV trials.

“We knew FHI Clinical would be the best strategic fit for our organization as we have enjoyed a decade-long collaborative working relationship as preferred providers of the Global Health Clinical Consortium,” said Abraham Van Wyk, chief executive officer of TCD. “We’re excited to bring our complementary expertise and enhanced presence of regional experts to help showcase South Africa as a clinical trial destination.”

Photo credit: FHI Clinical