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FHI 360 receives award to strengthen the resilience of Tunisian communities

September 24, 2018

FHI 360 has received a new, five-year award from the U.S. Agency for International Development to strengthen the resilience of 30 Tunisian communities.

The Tunisia Resilience and Community Empowerment (TRACE) program will empower some of Tunisia’s most vulnerable communities to:

  • Engage with their most marginalized young members
  • Identify and reduce community-specific vulnerabilities
  • Catalyze and harness public- and private-sector resources to create a lasting foundation for social cohesion and resilience

The design of TRACE integrates best practices in positive youth development, community-based development and countering violent extremism. It also incorporates FHI 360’s Community Youth Mapping and SCALE+ methodologies.

FHI 360 will implement activities that mobilize a diverse range of community members, including marginalized youth, to address community-identified vulnerabilities. The project team will work within existing community structures to develop and publicize resources, services and support.

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