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FHI 360 joins Frontline Health Workers Coalition

December 27, 2016

health worker checking on babyFHI 360 is pleased to announce that we have joined the Frontline Health Workers Coalition. The coalition is an alliance of organizations based in the United States that advocates for greater and more strategic U.S. investment in frontline health care workers in developing countries as a cost-effective way of saving lives and fostering a healthier and safer world.

Strategically investing in health care workers is essential for strengthening health care systems around the world and promoting integrated human development. Without a skilled, well-distributed health workforce, we cannot reach Global Goal 3: good health and well-being for all. And, because health workers are a precious resource, we must manage them well using evidence-based approaches.

Our involvement with the coalition will support the global health community’s efforts to provide the best possible human resource management of this workforce. In addition, it will serve as another outlet where we can share our evidence-based approaches for optimizing the role of health care workers in delivering health services. With specialists in public health, economic development, youth, workforce development, education and gender, FHI 360 will bring integrated development perspectives to addressing health workforce issues.

Across FHI 360's health portfolio, frontline health workers are key to the delivery of high-quality health services. Our membership in this coalition will support our efforts to ensure that health workers in the countries where we operate have the comprehensive skills they need to serve their communities. It will also allow us to continue to identify trends in health workforce development and to leverage opportunities in the labor and human resources market, especially the expansion of youth and women’s empowerment. The work of the coalition is core to FHI 360’s focus on improving lives in lasting ways.

Photo credit: Jessica Scranton/FHI 360