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The Challenge Conference: Deepening Systemic Engagement

October 28, 2015


Challenge Conference

Topics and featured speakers

To build on the interest and momentum generated by last year’s successful Advancing the FIELD conference, FHI 360 hosted a Challenge Conference. This one-day conference brought together some of the most respected minds to tackle challenging issues in development, with the goal of advancing the conversation on systems thinking.

The overarching theme of the Challenge Conference was deepening systemic engagement. Sub-themes included awareness and presencing, balance and directionality in healthy systems, and managing accountability and adaptive learning, as well as competition and cooperation, in program implementation.

The conference featured keynote speakers who are leaders in systems thinking, including Otto Scharmer of the Presencing Institute. Sally Goerner and John Fullerton of the Capital Institute also presented on how systemic engagement is an actionable theory that creates sustainability and vitality. Practitioners and funders provided practical insights into development challenges, how they affect our work and how we might address them. See below for event highlights and materials.

Event Highlights and Materials