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Building resilient communities in Nigeria during changing times

July 14, 2017

FHI 360’s Nigeria staff will host an event, “Building Resilient Communities in Changing Times,” on August 3, 2017, in Abuja, Nigeria. This event will explore the challenges and successes in development and humanitarian program designs and implementation in Nigeria and how we can collectively support the country on its path to greater resilience. Participants will be practitioners and donors who are leading global and national efforts in effective programs and policies.

woman smiling against wall in Borno, NigeriaDr. Olatunbosun Alakija Ayoade, the Chief Humanitarian Coordinator from Nigeria’s Office of the President, will be the keynote speaker. Featured speakers will share their diverse perspectives on building resilient communities, including strengthening health systems, improving education, providing protection services to survivors of gender-based-violence and integrating program designs across sectors.

The event organizers hope to connect people of varied perspectives who have a stake in addressing the problems Nigeria is facing. Stories of resilient Nigerians will be part of the discussions, bringing in perspectives of those who are living with difficult circumstances yet finding ways to persevere. Their strength and progress can inspire and motivate the development community to persist in its efforts to overcome barriers and continue its people-centric development and humanitarian efforts.

Photo credit: Iffat Nawaz/FHI 360