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Bill Gates is briefed on Sino-implant (II) Grant

May 29, 2012

BEIJING — During a recent visit to China, Bill Gates met with Sino-implant (II) team members from FHI 360 and Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (Dahua) to discuss project activities. FHI 360 provides technical assistance to Dahua to facilitate the introduction of Sino-implant (II) — a long-acting, low-cost, highly effective contraceptive implant — in resource-constrained countries.


According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), more than 200 million women in developing countries report that they want to avoid pregnancy but lack access to effective contraceptives. Longer-acting contraceptives appeal to many women because they are effective, do not require daily compliance and can be used discreetly.

Under the BMGF-funded grant, FHI 360 has helped obtain product registrations in 19 countries. In addition, over 700,000 units of Sino-implant (II) have been distributed, resulting in US$ 8.4 million in commodity cost savings. The Marie Stopes International Impact Calculator estimates that the units of Sino-implant (II) distributed translate into:

  • More than 2.4 million couple-years of protection from pregnancy
  • The prevention of 661,000 unintended pregnancies
  • The prevention of 2,600 maternal deaths.

For more information on FHI 360's work on Sino-implant (II), click here.