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Are we ready for the next pandemic? A clinical trial for a Zika virus vaccine improves the odds

December 15, 2017

Deadly pandemics can strike unexpectedly and require quick action to be contained. In this audio interview, Ted FitzGerald, FHI 360’s Director of Global Research Services, and Claudia Christian, Director of Clinical Operations, discuss the global community’s preparedness for the next pandemic and the lessons we have learned about rapidly setting up successful clinical trials in resource-limited countries. Christian describes FHI 360’s efforts to prepare for a potential Zika virus outbreak through a new trial for a DNA vaccine and explains why working with governments and partners is so important in clinical trials.

FHI 360’s Global Research Services conducts and supports high-quality clinical research in resource-limited settings around the world. Read more about the work to develop a Zika virus vaccine.

Homepage photo credit: NIAID (CC BY 2.0)