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    FHI 360's experts use the multiplying effect of innovative and basic technology to further the impact of everything we do.
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    In this interview with Voice of America (VOA), FHI 360’s Phil Psilos, Asia-Pacific Technical Director for Economic Development and Innovation, talks about The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability. The document is a global research and crowdsourcing report published by FHI 360 with support from The Rockefeller Foundation. Psilos highlights a few innovations from the report that are helping economies in Africa become more inclusive, such as loans for small farmers and access to emergency services.
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    These fact sheets outline focus areas for the digital solutions unit.
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    The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability, a global research and crowdsourcing report published by FHI 360 with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, features innovations from around the world that help people face economic uncertainty. This article highlights several of the 63 examples of economic stability innovations with an emphasis on helping vulnerable people. Patrick Fine, FHI 360 Chief Executive Officer, says, “If we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we will need new approaches, new types of partnerships and a new mindset that encourages new actors to come to the table.”
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    FHI 360, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, created a report featuring innovative solutions to help communities prosper in a changing global marketplace.
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    This resource presents examples of policy, program and technology innovations worldwide that promote economic stability for individuals, communities, firms and countries.
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    FHI 360 stands with these principles to recognize the importance of creating inclusive, secure and trustworthy identification systems in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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    Survey research with a random digit dial national mobile phone sample in Ghana: Methods and sample quality
    Generating a nationally representative sample in low- and middle-income countries typically requires resource-intensive household door-to-door data collection. This paper presents use of an innovative random digit dial, interactive voice response national mobile phone survey in Ghana to yield a national-level random sample in relatively short time. Response rates were comparable to other surveys and offers promise for future data collection in developing countries such as Ghana.
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    FHI 360’s Design Squad Global project brings 10- to 13-year-olds together in the United States and internationally to increase STEM learning through solving real-world engineering problems.
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    The Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Locator app helps farmworkers find Head Start child care and health services.