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    FHI 360’s economic development programs help women and men create a sound economic future for themselves and their families.
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    Bryanna Millis and Tommy Galloway of FHI 360, along with two young entrepreneurs, explain how entrepreneurship – and entrepreneurial thinking and creativity – can create employment opportunities for young people and drive economic growth...
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    FHI 360 stands with these principles to recognize the importance of creating inclusive, secure and trustworthy identification systems in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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    In this video, Ena’am, a participant in the USAID Jordan Local Enterprise Support (LENS) project, describes her journey to economic empowerment as the first female restaurant owner in Talifa, Jordan. Already a restaurant owner when she learned...
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    FHI 360 is the recipient of a two-and-a-half-year contract from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to strengthen primary and secondary education in El Salvador and help students develop the skills and competencies they need to succeed in...
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    FHI 360’s mSTAR project capitalizes on the popularity of mobile financial services in Bangladesh to strengthen agriculture and improve farmers' economic resilience.
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    Abas, a young man living in Uganda, received crucial support from three unrelated community members, whose assistance was bolstered by the resources of the FARE project.
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    In this video, Andrea Bertone, Director of Gender at FHI 360, explains our positive girl development approach to addressing the unique needs of adolescent girls.
  • Published research
    Economic benefits of savings groups in rural Mozambique
    Savings groups are a popular way to increase the economic well-being of vulnerable families because they are relatively easy and inexpensive, yet their limitations are not well understood. This paper examines the impact of a savings group program in rural Mozambique. Results show that participating in the group had a positive impact on income and asset ownership and participants could partially bridge seasonal gaps and meet needs to a greater extent during a crisis.
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    This document summarizes the accomplishments of Succeed 2020.