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    A decade after the term “orphans and vulnerable children” (OVC) gained traction in human development circles, FHI 360’s experts are reflecting on the orphan crisis, the policy response and how vulnerability has shaped the educational outcomes and...
  • Project
    FHI 360 provides support to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Division of AIDS (DAIDS) clinical research community through the HIV Clinical Research Support Services (CRSS) project.
  • Past Project
    The FEM-PrEP clinical trial was designed to assess whether a daily dose of the antiretroviral Truvada® is safe and effective at preventing HIV infection among women at high risk of HIV exposure.
  • Past Project
    FHI 360 developed and introduced innovative HIV prevention technologies — including microbicides and antiretrovirals — and worked with local partners to address the need for HIV prevention options, particularly for women.