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    There is an art to improving lives. And it’s in our science.
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    Summary of research and evaluation of professional development using the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching model called educator-centered instructional coaching.
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    This resource provides an adaptable step-by-step guide for conducting a mapping readiness assessment to determine whether programmatic mapping can be done in a way that protects the safety, well-being and confidentiality of key populations.
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    FHI 360 began the China Tuberculosis Clinical Trials Consortium to develop a TB clinical trials research platform that meets international standards and is able to enroll participants in global, multicenter studies.
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    This report summarizes studies by the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching that define fundamental skill sets associated with instructional coaching and mentoring.
  • Published research
    How many focus groups are enough? Building an evidence base for nonprobability sample sizes
    There are limited empirical data to guide researchers in determining the number of focus groups necessary for a research study. This paper provides foundational empirical evidence to suggest adequate focus group sample sizes and discusses the relative generalizability of the findings to other study contexts. The findings will help researchers better plan for and justify sample sizes for qualitative research using focus groups. 
  • Published research
    Evidence-based strategies for shortening informed consent forms in clinical research
    Long informed consent forms can negatively affect potential participants’ understanding of clinical research. The authors present three strategies for reducing form length that were developed by consensus among six groups of key stakeholders. Implementing these strategies will facilitate adoption of the proposed changes to U.S. regulations on form length, to make the consent process more useful for participants. 
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    “R&E Search for Evidence” delivers in-depth coverage of research and evaluation methods and findings that address complex human development challenges.
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    This fact sheet summarizes the research agenda being implemented under the Contraceptive Technology Innovation (CTI) Initiative, a contraceptive research grant funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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    The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) named FHI 360 a winner of the DREAMS Innovation Challenge for the Communities Investing in Education for Child Health and Safety project.