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    FHI 360's education work in the United States spans the continuum of learning and development from early childhood to adulthood.
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    This report highlights 25 lessons from the Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment project and celebrates its 25th anniversary.
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    The Succeed 2020 project has developed strategies to make college and career readiness a reality in North Dakota by pairing professional learning for educators with career exploration for students.
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    This report includes a needs assessment and gap analysis of the skills and qualifications for workforce training in energy, health care, information technology and manufacturing in North Dakota.
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    Is exposing young children to screen time harmful? FHI 360’s Jacqueline Hess, Director of Disability Studies and Services & Early Care and Education, says that technologies can aid in brain development during early years.
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    This article discusses the FHI 360 report, Right from the Start in the Digital Age, which advocates teaching children in pre-K through third grade to be safe and responsible digital citizens. The report’s authors, Merle Froschl and Barbara Sprung, directors at FHI 360, state, “A new educational paradigm is needed so that teachers and parents may help children develop the skills, and establish the principles, in the earliest [years and] grades that will enable them to thrive in both the real and digital worlds.”
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    Learn about the impact of North Dakota’s Succeed 2020 project on students, teachers, businesses and communities in the areas of college and career readiness.
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    Organization Spotlight: Right from the Start in the Digital Age: A new challenge for teachers and parents of children in grades K-3
    Teasing and bullying have expanded from the classroom to the internet. Because communicating digitally is becoming the norm, developing good net citizenship is a new focus for early childhood education. This paper documents the problem, discusses the role of social-emotional learning and highlights the need for developing strategic partnerships with early childhood organizations, teacher educators and producers of children’s media.
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    FHI 360 is partnering with Johnson & Johnson and the nonprofit youth organization Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide to advance the education of young women and girls in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design (...
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    These overviews are brief descriptions of our U.S.-based work in education, communication and social marketing, health and youth.