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Executive Team

Sean Temeemi, CFE, CICA

Chief Compliance Officer

Sean Temeemi leads FHI 360’s efforts to identify and manage risks across its global project portfolio, through a comprehensive program of compliance and internal audits. He also ensures that FHI 360 complies with rules and regulations in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Temeemi has more than 25 years of experience in finance, management and team building. He also has expertise in accounting, risk management and internal audit, in addition to deep knowledge of how to use financial data effectively. He has worked for organizations and companies of various sizes, giving him the flexibility to respond to changes in corporate size, structure and complexity. He developed a global perspective through 16 years of work in international development consulting, as well as on-the-ground experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Temeemi holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and economics and is a certified fraud examiner and internal controls auditor.