Peter Mwarogo, MPH

Country Director, Kenya

Areas of expertise

  • Health communication
  • Public health programming and evaluation
  • Communication and social marketing: Health

Projects & Resources

Published Research

  • The impact of an alcohol harm reduction intervention on interpersonal violence and engagement in sex work among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya: Results from a randomized controlled trial
    Parcesepe AM, L'Engle KL, Martin SL, Green S, Sinkele W, Suchindran C, Speizer IS, Mwarogo P, Kingola N
    Drug Alcohol Depend 2016 Apr; 161 21-8. [Journal Impact Factor: 3.423]

    A randomized controlled trial evaluated whether an alcohol harm reduction intervention was associated with reduced interpersonal violence or engagement in sex work among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya. Findings suggest that those assigned to the alcohol intervention were associated with reductions in some forms of violence and with reductions in engagement in sex work immediately and at six months post-intervention.

  • Stages and processes of change utilized by female sex workers participating in an alcohol-reduction intervention in Mombasa, Kenya
    Velloza J, L'Engle K, Mwarogo P, Chokwe J, Magaria L, Sinkele W, Kingola N.
    Subst Use Misuse 2015; 50 (13): 1728-37. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.234]

    Alcohol use is increasingly recognized as an important determinant of HIV acquisition and transmission and a potential factor that may undermine the impact of HIV prevention and treatment efforts. This paper describes and characterizes the stages and processes of change employed by female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya. Results may be used to develop future alcohol interventions for female sex workers in resource-limited settings by tailoring materials to their appropriate stages of change and HIV status.

  • A randomized controlled trial of a brief intervention to reduce alcohol use among female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya
    L'Engle KL, Mwarogo P, Kingola N, Sinkele W, Weiner DH.
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2014 Dec; 67 (4): 446-53. [Journal Impact Factor: 4.394]

    Interventions to reduce alcohol use are essential for targeting the nexus of alcohol, sex and HIV common among sex workers. This study is one of the first to demonstrate that providing a brief intervention can lead to significant reductions in alcohol use among a community-based, nontreatment-seeking sample of individuals. Results provide a framework for integrating a brief alcohol-reduction intervention into programs.

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