Markus Steiner, PhD, MSPH

Senior Epidemiologist; Project Director, Sino-implant (II)

Areas of expertise

  • Family planning
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Product quality assurance
  • Production registration and scale-up
  • Clinical trials design and implementation

Projects & Resources

  • Envision FP develops, introduces and expands understanding of contraceptive technologies to enhance method choice and reduce unmet need.

  • The goal of the Contraceptive Technology Innovation (CTI) Initiative is to develop new and strategically important contraceptives, through a strong focus on global partnerships, that ensures wide access to quality, affordable and acceptable products for those most in need.

Published Research

  • Expanding access to a new, more affordable levonorgestrel intrauterine system in Kenya: Service delivery costs compared with other contraceptive methods and perspectives of key opinion leaders
    Rademacher KH, Solomon M, Brett T, Bratt JH, Pascual C, Njunguru J, Steiner MJ
    Glob Health Sci Pract 2016 Aug; 4(Suppl 2): S83-93. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

    The levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) is one of the most effective forms of contraception. In this study, the authors calculated the direct service delivery costs per couple-years of protection of various family planning methods and interviewed key opinion leaders. The costs of a new LNG-IUS compares favorably with other contraceptive methods common in Kenya. These results indicate that introducing a new, more affordable LNG-IUS product could help expand choice for women in Kenya and increase use of long-acting reversible contraception.

  • Effects of initiating a contraceptive implant on subsequent condom use: A randomized controlled trial
    Rattray C, Wiener J, Legardy-Williams J, Costenbader E, Pazol K, Medley-Singh N, Snead MC, Steiner MJ, Jamieson DJ, Warner L, Gallo MF, Hylton-Kong T, Kourtis AP.
    Contraception 2015 Dec; 92 (6): 560-6. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.335]

    In a randomized controlled trial in which 414 Jamaican women at high risk for sexually transmitted infections received an implant immediately or at the end of a three-month study period, results showed that condom use was not higher in women receiving the implant immediately. These results support promotion of implants in high-risk populations and can help refine counseling for condom use among implant users.

  • In vivo release of levonorgestrel from Sino-implant (II) — an innovative comparison of explant data
    Callahan RL, Taylor D, Jenkins DW, Owen DH, Cheng L, Cancel AM, Dorflinger LJ, Steiner MJ.
    Contraception 2015 Oct; 92 (4): 350-5. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.335]

    This innovative approach measured the amount of contraceptive hormone remaining in removed Sino-implant (II) rods that had been used for various lengths of time and compared the data to reports from Jadelle. The results provide evidence that Sino-implant (II) may perform similarly to Jadelle over three years and remain a highly effective contraceptive beyond this time point.

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