M. Ataur Rahman, BBA

Project Team Lead

Areas of expertise

  • ICT for development
  • Digital services
  • Financial sector
  • Livelihoods and enterprise development

Projects & Resources

  • The FHI 360 Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR) project is a broad, flexible and responsive technical assistance and research program that is fostering the rapid adoption and scale-up of digital finance, digital inclusion and mobile data in developing countries.

Published Research

  • Pregnant women diet quality and its sociodemographic determinants in Southwestern Bangladesh
    Shamim AA, Mashreky SR, Ferdous T, Tegenfeldt K, Roy S, Fazlur Rahman AK, Rashid I, Haque R, Rahman Z, Hossen K, Siddiquee SR, Rahman M, Sanghvi TG, Shaheen N
    Food Nutr Bull 2016 Mar; 37 (1): 14-26. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.148]

    Diversity of diet among pregnant women is associated with nutrition sufficiency and micronutrient adequacy. This analysis shows that the diet quality of pregnant women was poor in the study region in Bangladesh, and intake of micronutrient-rich foods was low despite knowledge about the importance of these foods. The study result underscores the need to address other determinants of diet diversity as well as knowledge about recommended practices.

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