Lawrence Goldman, MA

Regional Education Director, Asia Pacific

Areas of expertise

  • Education policy
  • Higher education
  • Education and employment
  • University linkages
  • Education in conflict and emergency settings

Projects & Resources

  • Education in Conflict and Crisis (fact sheet)

    This fact sheet describes how FHI 360 supports and strengthens education systems in conflict-affected and fragile settings using a context-sensitive, strengths-based approach.

  • Global Education (brochure)

    For more than four decades, FHI 360’s global education experts have worked to ensure that all young people have equitable access to a quality education that equips them to become productive and empowered citizens.

  • Post-Primary Education and Workforce (fact sheet)

    For more than four decades, FHI 360’s experts have contributed to improvements in early childhood development, primary education and higher education, and now we are making a major commitment to addressing challenges at the post-primary level.

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